Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Golden Age of Fans in Paris - and an Auction with Fans of this Period

The Cognacq-Jay Museum in Paris shows until 2 March 2014 the fan exhibition The Golden Age of Fans, from the Sun King to Marie-Antoinette. For all those that cannot go there, have a look at the short video that gives an overview of the exhibition with lovely views on 18th century Paris, amd an interview with the scientific curator, Georgina Letourmy-Bordier (in French).
If you got the taste for 18th century fans, have a look at the fan auction that will take place on 12 February 2014 at Drouot, at auctioneers Coutau-B├ęgarie. One particularly beautiful fan of Versaille would very well fit into the Golden Age exhibition. You can see all lots of fans in the on-line catalogue.  

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paris, Paris! in Amsterdam

Hurry up to see the exhibition Paris, Paris! that will run until 2nd of March 2014! It shows the private collection of Advertising Fans from the 1920ies of the Dutch collector Hans van Emmerick. For the first time, his collection of these colourful publicity tools is shown in public. Often designed by famous artists, they advertise for restaurants, champagne, music shows and fashion products alike. At the Tassenmuseum (Museum of bags). On the photo: Detail of an advertising fan for Galeries Lafayette, by Gabriel Ferro.