Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fan friends and their websites

I always wanted to have one website where I can find everything on fans. Well, this may be a bit over-ambitious,  but let's try to see where we end. Here the beautiful websites of fan friends - and if I forgot some, write a comment and add it!

The photo left is my old website - static pages that are no more up-dated but still with some interesting topics, like celluloid fans, love symbols on fans etc.

Anna's collection of fan-tastic fans, IT and EN
David's fan collection throughout the centuries, EN and DE
Of cats and fans: Eva's beautiful collection with many animals on fans
The "Place d'eventail" with fan history and mystery EN and FR
Wedding and mourning fans and much more EN
An Italian collection - I love the Art Deco horse racing fan, IT
Just "found" some more websites with fans:
Sulle ali del tempo, IT
and another Italian fan website. [Another one does not work any more,
A website about flag fans

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