Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fan Museums - Museums with Fans

Fans are the divas among collectible objects: you cannot exhibit them permanently without risking to damage them: light is the biggest enemy, followed by heat or cold, dryness or wetness. If stored open, you may never be able to fold them; if stored closed, you may damage the folds - and you don't see the leaf design. It seems that whatever you do, cannot be right for a fan. Hence, many fans are Sleeping Beauties in museum archives that are never kissed to life. But temporary exhibitions and the new technologies allow insights into the hidden treasures of fans.
Fan Museums:
"The Fan Museum" in Greenwich is the best known and first museum that was exclusively dedicated to fans.
The Handfan Museum, the only fan museum in the USA
Fächermuseum Bielefeld, a small private fan museum in Germany
Musee de l'√©ventail  and AnneHoguet's, website (Paris, France)

Museums with Fans displayed on-line:
The Royal Collection London, "textiles and fans" - very well documented photos of the fans in the Royal Collection
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, has almost all its fans on display, among them fans by Degas, Pissarro and the famous George Barbier Fan painted on ivory
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Its exhibition "Accessorize" in an on-line version with fans; or try the "fan game"

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